Can I customise my hat fit?

Two hat reducer inserts are supplied with each straw hat to help you customise your fit for comfort and durability. Follow these instructions for the best result.

1. Try on your hat to determine where your hat feels loose.

2. Carefully place the foam hat reducer inserts inside the inner hatband to check correct positioning. The inserts have a slight curve, so match this to the inner hatband curve. The paper side should face the inner hatband with the other side facing the straw hat.

Adjust the placement of the reducers if necessary to achieve a snug and comfortable fit without feeling too tight or restrictive. If the inserts are too large or extend beyond the inner band of the hat, trim them carefully with scissors to ensure a proper fit.  You may need to make slight adjustments to the positioning of the reducers for optimal comfort and stability.

When you’ve selected the correct position, peel the inserts and place on the inside of the inner hatband, between the hatband and the straw.

We recommend that you regularly check inserts for signs of wear and tear. Replace them as needed to maintain proper support and fit for your hat.